Laura Bustamante was born in Madrid, Spain. She received a BFA from Florida Atlantic University with a concentration in sculpture. Laura has participated in various shows locally and nationally. Her recent works have been exhibited in Tiny Acts Tumble Empires at Woskob Family Gallery in Penn State University, Free on the Inside at the Arts Warehouse in Delray,  and an artist residency at the WAAM, Woodstock, NY. She is the recipient of the 2016 Office of Undergraduate Research and Inquiry Grant and the Esther Saylor Rothenberger Endowed Scholarship for Humanities; she presented at the Undergraduate Research Symposium in the spring of 2017. Laura has worked at the University Galleries, FAU as a galleries assistant and has been the project manager of Community Justice: The Black Panthers and other Civil Right Movement, and Home Mask Relations: A Social Project by Isabel Berlung, among other exhibitions. She has also been involved in museum education as a youth mentor for the Artist Mentorship Program from the University Galleries, FAU. Laura is currently working in the NSU Art Museum Fort Lauderdale as Lillian S. Wells Associate Education Curator.


My work aims to discuss the home as something universal and intangible. I explore the idea of a home in different socio-political contexts such as immigration and homelessness. A home for me represents the fundamental human need for a safe space and security. I create structures that relate to the need for stability and challenge what the meaning of shelter is for different groups of people.


I create conversations on the conventional contexts of materials and challenge the assumptions that solid materials bring stability and support. Thus, in my work I juxtapose hard construction materials, such as steel and cement, against soft domestic fabrics. In addition, I include other sensory elements, such as sound and smell, to make the viewer aware of the space surrounding him or her and simultaneously evoke feelings of comfort, thus allowing them to expand their unique concept of a home.

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