The Undoing: The Home, 2020

Fabric, masking tape, and red thread

8 ft. x 12 ft.

As women, we are told our job is to build and maintain a home. We are asked to keep it together, to always look well put together, to not show what happens behind closed doors. Preconceived notions about women have created limitations within society, but moreover they have influenced family dynamics and reinforced acts of domestic violence as they are tied with the role of women in the household. This work is an exploration of the undoing of trauma and how it is linked to the household.


As result of a video performance, what is left is a broken floor plan I had created of a house I once lived in. The residue of the thread and tape is a visual representation of pass trauma. Once undone, the fabric cannot come back to what it was. The final piece still holds remains of what happened, creating a faded memory of this place, however it is now liberated of the limitations of the stitched. This piece is something old and new simultaneously.

© 2017 Laura Gomez