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Shared Experience, 2019

Business cards

2 ft. x 2 ft.

This work addresses the shared, yet different experiences of immigrants based on the color of their skin, or socio-political background. We must discuss our privilege on the topic and understand that the choices we made, were not always choices for other people. Who chose to stay? Who chose to leave their home behind? Who chose to belong? Who makes those rules?


I ask the viewer to pick a card. The work asks the viewer to make a choice, to participate and interact. Asking the viewer to understand that their privilege lies in the choices you are allowed to make.


Cards read from left to right:

  1. My privilege lies in the color of my skin.

  2. You could never understand, but can I?

  3. Do I have your permission to exist? Do I need your approval to live?

  4. Don’t ask me why I’m here, tell me where you come from.

  5. You can hide your history, but I could never hide mine.

  6. You chose to leave, I never did.

Laura Gomez, Shared Experience
Laura Gomez, Shared Experience
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