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The Privilege of Time, 2020


2:23 minutes

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In the past year, notions of time and our daily routines have shifted drastically. For some, new hobbies such as baking, creating, and doing videos, have taken over social media, while for a big part of the population, their time is demanded in solving issues of racial injustice, and the effects of the global pandemic. Time is a currency of power. Who can demand time? Who gets to waste time? And who even has the time to say goodbye? Written as a simple message that the viewer follows, The Privilege of Time, is an act of rebellion, demanding your time, demanding to be read, taking time from the viewer, time that will never be given back.


The text on this video reads as follows:



Do you have a moment? A minute in time?

How does it feel to have time? Time to stand here, reading me Taking your time to understand this How does it feel to have time?

Time to question what you are reading Time to question if this is art

Is it your time?

Did you waste it?

Is it our time?

Did we share it?

Is it my time?

Now that you have taken the time to read me I took your time

How does it feel to lose it? Your time is gone

How does it feel to not have time? It’s my time now

I own your time

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