Enclosed Comfort, 2017

wood, muslin fabric, chamomile tea, dry rose petals, purple thread

8ft x 7ft x 6ft

A home is defined as the emotional and physical support system required for a person to live. Although this is something we may all have, the concept of a home is diverse and can take on different shapes, sizes, or places. For person undergoing difficult social issues common to our society, such as homelessness, immigration, and domestic violence, a tangible home might not exist. In my work, I aim to discuss the home across different socio-political statuses by utilizing various materials, such as fabric, herbs, and wood, that evoke feelings and memories of “home”.


Inside the walls of a house are the memories and feelings with which we build our home. These internal walls become a foundation of comfort and support we constantly pursue, regardless of the condition of our existing physical shelter.

© 2017 Laura Gomez